For a more dynamic and personalized site, several different effects can be added. These effects are used in the background of website pages or on certain widgets to make the site feel more interactive and unique. It also grabs the attention of visitors, encouraging them to stay on the site and visit other pages. These effects are also great if for a more modern or creative look or feel.

Background Video

Background videos are available to advertisers who also purchase a new video product. The YP video team will create a short loop of atmosphere video that can be used in the background of the website. The video won't have sound, and on mobile a static image will appear to ensure the page loads quickly.

Parallax Scrolling

This effect can be applied to row background images. The image will scroll at a slower rate, creating a 3D effect as the visitor scrolls down the page.

Fixed Background

Row background images with this setting won't scroll with the rest of the page. This effect can also be applied to a page background image.

Image Hover

The different columns on the webpage can have image backgrounds so that, when the mouse hovers over them, they appear differently. For example, in the two boxes below, the street light turns red and the background of the icy landscape turns from grey to blue. Note: it is recommended to keep the text static when the mouse hovers over the box. Having an effect on the text will flatten it and take away any SEO-friendliness.

The Image Hover option can entice visitors to view a photo gallery or browse a list of products and services.

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Effects like the background videos and images and image hover options make the site a more memorable experience for visitors.