While text is important for the SEO value of a website, galleries offer many benefits as well. Not only providing an interesting focus for the page galleries, they also give businesses the opportunity to promote their products, give potential clients a virtual “tour”, or show off completed projects. Different types of galleries can complement a business’ needs.


Images can have either a slide or a fade transition. In this example, clicking the images enlarges them and displays a caption. Images can also have internal, external, or document links applied.

Why Choose a Slider/Carousel Gallery? 

A slider or carousel gallery easily displays large, detailed images. These images can help create a tone for the website to show off main products or projects. Slider or carousel galleries are also great for showing “before and after” shots of renovation and repair work. When the image is clicked on, it enlarges to allow website users to get a better look.

Thumbnail Gallery

Thumbnails may be arranged in any number of columns or rows. Images can be linked to other content, have click-to-enlarge enabled, or have no interactivity.

Why Choose a Thumbnail Gallery?

In cases where there are multiple product pictures or images showing off completed projects, a thumbnail gallery is a good way to organize photos into easily manageable squares that enlarge when clicked on.

Row Group Gallery

Similar to the slider/carousel, row groups have an additional feature: modules may be placed over each image in the group.

Why Choose a Row Group Gallery?

In cases where a business has different promotions or several different locations to display on a map for example, the row group gallery enables the both images and text content to be well-organized. Some may include icons or even call to actions with buttons that link to other parts of the section. This type of gallery offers a lot more interaction, and gives the website a dynamic touch.

Come and see us 

This section is the ideal place to invite visitors to obtain crucial information about the business like location, business hours and detailed directions.

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Unique or best-selling services should stand out and compel visitors to click on the button and go to another page to get additional information.

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Icons help visitors understand a concept quickly. They can be used to make important information like “emergency services” “request an appointment” “view or events calendar” easy to spot.