Website headers may contain text, images, buttons, maps, forms or any other module that is available in the platform. Every page in the site will have the same header.

Header Content

A header is the ideal place to display contact information. Since it appears on every page, website visitors can quickly find a phone number or address. This is especially recommended when a business offers emergency services and visitors need a click to call function.

A button linking to the contact page can also be added to the header. That way, visitors can easily navigate to standard business information like opening hours or a map with driving directions. Forms can also be added in the header so visitors can easily find it on every page, no matter where they land on the site.

Fixed Headers

Navigating the website is easier with a fixed header. If the website requires a lot of scrolling to different content sections, a fixed header will stay in place no matter how far down visitors scroll. The navigation bar remains visible making it easy to jump from one page to another without having to go all the way back to the top.

Fixed Header