Websites can have multiple maps of varying size and configuration. Visitors can get directions to the location by clicking on the map pin. Adding a map to your website offers many benefits. If an advertiser has some kind of storefront or office, a map can help visitors locate it. A map can also be used to show multiple locations so visitors can find the one nearest to them. Lastly, businesses with no physical location or who offer on-site services can use a map to display their service area.

Full-width responsive map

A full-width responsive map spans across the entire page horizontally. It is responsive, giving visitors the ability to zoom in or out and see nearby cities, highways, and more.

Map styles

Maps come with a default setting, but other styles can be used including black and white, neutral blue, light monochrome, and one where bodies of water are coloured blue, but the surrounding land is a neutral grey. Picking the right style of map can complement the website’s overall look and feel.

Default Map


Black and White Map

Black and White

Blue Water Map

Blue Water

Neutral Blue Map

Neutral Blue

Light Monochrome Map

Light Monochrome

Multiple locations

If the business has multiple offices or stores, maps can show different locations. This can also be used to show the different areas advertisers may serve or deliver to.