Social Feeds

The social modules can be added when a link to the profile is supplied. To add other social platforms, a third-party embed code needs to be sent in to be included in the site

Facebook Page Embed

Facebook page URL must be supplied

Why Add a Facebook Feed to the Website?

An advertiser offering regular promotions or deals or getting involved with the local community should leverage Facebook as a means to interact to customers base outside the business context. Other ways to create an interest with content is posting news about new products or service offers. Whatever gets posted to Facebook is instantly featured live on the website

Facebook Video

Facebook video URL must be supplied
(right click on video in Facebook)

Why Add a Facebook Video Module?

From streaming Q & A sessions to showing off a commercial, the Facebook video module can stream direct from Facebook to a YP website.

YouTube Video

YouTube video URL must be supplied

Why Add a YouTube Video Module?

Just like the Facebook video, the YouTube video module can be used to connect with customers beyond the website. YouTube videos can be used to feature ads, share tutorials, FAQs or video blogs.

Instagram Embed

Instagram URL must be supplied
This only shows one post; it is not a feed.

Why Add Instagram Module? 

Instagram is a terrific way to share photos. The Instagram module can be used to show images of new products, completed projects, or community involvement like from fundraisers or local sporting events.

Social Sharing

The social sharing modules below are available directly within the platform. Third-party code may also be supplied to add other social platforms to the site like Houzz or Tumblr. So what is social sharing? Basically, it gives visitors a chance to share, like or tweet about the website. These buttons exist so visitors can share and talk about the business.

Facebook Like

Included by default in all new sites.

Twitter Share

Included by default in all new sites.

Social Links

Icons linking to social media profiles indicate that the business is active on these platforms and that extra content can be found. Below is an array of default icons that can be used to set external links to a page on common social platforms.

Third Party Module Options

The YP website team will integrate modules in the website when the embed code is provided. Note that since modules are provided by a third party, the advertiser is responsible for any fees, maintenance, content creation and support associated with them.

Here are a few examples of third party modules that can be added to a YP website if an html embed code is provided:

Third Party Modules

  • YP Dine online booking and reservations

  • BookedIn

  • SoundCloud player

  • Vimeo player

  • Spotify player

  • Paypal Buy Now button

  • Typeform forms and surveys

  • Mailchimp newsletter signup

  • Olark chat

  • Pure Chat

  • Shopify Buy button

  • Etsy mini

  • Houzz