Main Menu

Websites must have one horizontal navigation menu in the header of the site to enable quick access to all the different pages of the site. It’s important for visitors to be able to easily navigate the site to find the content they are looking for. When content is not well organized, visitors tend to leave the site. While visibility is usually important, some pages can be hidden from this menu and linked elsewhere when necessary.

Menus on Mobile Devices & Tablets

On mobile devices and tablets, where space for a horizontal navigation bar is limited, a “hamburger” icon appears. Clicking on the hamburger icon displays a list of pages that visitors can navigate from to find the content they’re looking for.

'Hamburger' menu icon

Hamburger Menu

Breadcrumb Navigation

The breadcrumb menu is another menu type that can be added to the site in addition to the main menu. A breadcrumb menu can be placed in the header or footer. This type of navigation helps visitors find their place on a site with a lot of subpages or even subpages of subpages. The breadcrumb menu lists out horizontally the name of the page and then uses a “>” to show it is connected to subpages beneath it in navigation. An example of a breadcrumb menu can be seen below in the footer of this site (i.e. LAYOUT > MENU).